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RE: OT -- Boston Globe job listings

From: Odland, Brad <>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 09:24:30 -0800
Message-ID: <>


The problem is that companies are scrambling to cut costs to keep that quarterly report looking good. Sometime ago some CEO found that if the quarterly report looked good he justified getting paid more. So the emphasis has been year after year to plan for the next quarter. Now that the economy is tanking how does the CEO make the Q3 report look good...? But cutting expenses. How do you do that?...get rid of high wage jobs! Hell with making a better product...that doesn't work any more. We LIKE crap in America!

Frankly outsourcing offshore is going to blow up in corporate America's face. It is like a turd in gift wrapping paper. Looks good on the outside but once inside it is not a very pleasant experience. The problem of rising costs and complexity of IT is not going to be solved by throwing dozens of cheap programmers from India at it. The real problem is the software companies that are more about marketing than substance. And Microsoft's game platform OS that everyone thinks is so effing great. (STOP...don't get me started...)

Hey there is an opportunity right there...salvaging all the failed outsourcing projects....

I can see myself now. In a posh conference room. Wild shouting, arms flailing, fingers pointing...only difference is I'm in India not Illinois or Wisconsin. I'm being yelled at by two dozen programmers (instead of just two or three) after I tell them their application is out of scope, out of control and fails to meet any of the requirements laid out by the client.

Same deal...different location.



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Author: Odland, Brad

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