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RE: RE: OT -- Boston Globe job listings

From: Stephane Faroult <>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 07:59:31 -0800
Message-ID: <>

>Ken - Since you've recently changed jobs, your
>upbeat attitude is
>encouraging. I think you've made a good point that
>jobs aren't always
>advertised. Another point is that when there are
>more jobs than available
>candidates, companies have to advertise strongly to
>fill their positions.
>When there are more candidates than available jobs,
>companies often find
>that people are seeking out the opening before they
>post it.
>Patrice - Look at what happened over the previous
>years. In 1999
>corporations spent wildly on I.T. (naturally when
>the catastrophe didn't
>occur because of the tireless efforts of I.T.
>people, the senior executives
>felt the money was wasted). Then when spending
>would have naturally
>declined, the dot-com madness stuck and things went
>wild. I think we are
>just about to come out of the natural down cycle
>due to the extravagant
>dot-com spending. But now I keep seeing articles
>about how much development
>work is being sent overseas. Has anyone seen that
>affect Oracle DBA work

>Dennis Williams
>Lifetouch, Inc.


   Concerning your last question, a young indian DBA friend of mine in Bangalore was complaining about the night shifts and all the donkey work Indians have to perform to keep a 24x7 watch on US databases ... I would personally tend to use timezones to get senior DBAs from all around the world ready to help at normal business hours but I guess that this will have to wait until costs in India raise to sufficient levels - which in the end will happen (take a look at Hong Kong and Singapore).    I indeed believe that the market for DBAs is going to shrink somewhat. As someone pointed out, big, pharaonic projects are much less common today than they were a few years back. A 'mature' database running stable applications and that you don't want to upgrade hardly requires on a daily or weekly basis anything to do that you cannot put in a crontab file. Moreover, the official Oracle gospel is of course that new versions require less and less administration - a claim which provokes more sarcastic comments on this list than in the upper management levels. However, the amount of data which people are willing to store seems to be joyfully outpacing Moore's law, and I don't see the trend losing momentum anytime soon. Expect more work related to architecture, replication (the days of exp backups have long been over) and of course performance tuning. It's probably the junior part of the market which is going to bear the brunt of the slow-down. Till the pendulum swings back and makes outsourcing out of fashion, by which time I hope that India and China will locally provide enough work for their IT people, which is more than likely.

My 0.02 EUR.


Stephane Faroult

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