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RE: PTC Windchill

From: Jesse, Rich <>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 08:49:23 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I can't comment on the product itself since I've never used it. Strictly speaking from the DB end of Windchill, ignore most of what PTC says about setting up Oracle. It's a bare bones install with no tuning whatsoever. The Oracle software comes as a fixed, non-patchable, non-OFA version. The default DB setup puts all files on the same mountpoint as the software. I'm trying to remember if archivelog mode is suported or not (yes, you heard that correctly). It may depend on if there's external vaulting or not. There's no RI in the schema. This has been my experience with most vendor product implementations on Oracle. Hopefully, I'm remebering this correctly!

This being said, I've not touched the production DB for tuning or downtime since I created it back in October. After the software was installed (which also installs their version of Oracle and the DB) and re-installed several times prior to production, we moved the DB to a proper 6-way RAID 10 (or is it 0+1? I forget) and some smaller mirrored stripes, splitting up data from control from redo from archive, and all's been well WITH THE DB ever since. I used what I consider "standard" items in the init.ora (CBO, archivelog, etc) and haven't needed to tune it. I haven't even (yet) needed to apply Tim Gorman's optimizer index parameter fixes. The only thing I've needed to watch for is the growth of the LOBs. YMMV!

Also, our account rep has been VERY receptive in our feedback, and they are using some of our suggestions in versions since (and for other customers). I'll give them credit for that.

One final note: Not every place is going to have a dedicated DBA. Most vendors that I've dealt with want to set things up in a simple generic fashion, probably in an effort to reduce initial problems. I think that may be a little short-sighted in some cases, as I think performance is a major cause of support calls ("The system's slow") and can be very difficult to correctly troubleshoot and remedy remotely a year or two after implementation. Just my $.02 on that...

HTH! GL! :) Rich

Rich Jesse                           System/Database Administrator                  Quad/Tech Inc, Sussex, WI USA

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We are planning to install and test a product called PTC Windchill. Has anyone used this software? Is there any gotchas with it?


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