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RE: OT:oraknowledge

From: Deshpande, Kirti <>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 12:08:15 -0800
Message-ID: <>

There once was one Ed Haskins on this list. At that time he was working at Verizon Wireless on contract. Not sure if this is the same person. But I did get a lot of junk mail from Ed Haskins of OraKnowledge. It was surprising, because I had never signed up for any promotional, or free, stuff from them, and had pondered on how OraKnowledge got my e-mail address... ;)

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Sent: Friday, May 16, 2003 2:28 PM
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I bet you ordered from the "promotion: only 20 5-CD sets left; the website will be brought down after all are sold". I did, also in Feb. After a month, the CDs were yet to come; but here comes an email : "sorry, we are not in the business of making CDs; to ensure the best quality for our customers we have processed the CD copying professionally...blah.blah.. and the CDs should arrive within a few days". Another month passes by and still the same - vaporware! At some point I remember, the site was down. I wrote to the head honcho -Ed Haskins - got his email from ComputerWorld or somewhere - and demanded an explanation. The response was that the CDs were in mail a month ago and he didn't know why I never got them. He offered to refund the money and that was what he did. At that time I was under impression that the CDs might have been genuinely lost in mail, but looking at the mails from others, I guess a lot of those "lucky 20" got licked!

> Before I sent this message, I checked with the list administrator to
> ensure
> I was not stepping over the bounds of the list.
> In short I ordered a set of CD's from oraknowledge in feburary of this
> year and have not received them yet. I have tried to contact
> oraknowledge
> a number of times, either through email or telephone, and they have not
> returned my attempts.
> They were very quick to return my calls when we were having trouble with
> one of the corporate credit cards.
> Has anybody else had problems with oraknowledge ??.
> I simply want one of two things, my CD's or my money back. If anybody
> knows
> people that work for oraknowledge, I would appreciate it if you could
> forward
> this message to them. My email and phone number are shown below.
> Thank You
> Darren
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