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Re: Purchasing RAC

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 08:26:59 -0800
Message-ID: <>

As of last month, your only option is ³raw² logical volumes on Solaris platforms. That may have changed in the past few weeks, as Veritas is purported to be ³very close² to getting its clustered file system certified on Oracle9i RAC, but I just checked the MetaLink certification pages and nothing new has been added. You can log a TAR on this if you like...


Youıve only got a few options for clustering software:  either SunCluster
v3.0 or Veritas Database Edition/Advanced Cluster (DBE/AC) v3.5.  I think
that there are Fujitsu-Siemens and Toshiba clustering software options that
are also certified, but Iım guessing youıre not going there?  I mean, I
didnıt see anything in your configuration that indicated that you might go
there, but I could be wrong...  :-)

Once youıve chosen the clustering software, then itıs time to choose the
logical volume manager.  This is the easy part.  There is only one choice:
Veritas VxVM/CVM.  The only other possible option, Solaris Solstice Disk
Suite (SDS in Sol8, a.k.a. Solaris Volume Manager or SVM in Sol9), is not
capable of presenting logical volumes to clustered servers.  Maybe in
Solaris10?  :-)

OK, youıve got the clustering software and a logical volume manager.  With
regards to any available clustered file systems to put atop your logical
volumes, Veritas again might be your only option (as mentioned above), but
check with Oracle Support first.  Donıt bother checking with Veritas;
theyıll tell you ³Absolutely!  It works great!².  Also, Sun might try to
tell you that their GFS filesystem is certified for use with RAC (they even
have an internally released document stating this), but that is also
completely incorrect.  Oracle Support has not only said that it does not
support GFS now, but that it will never support GFS in the future.  So Sun
can say all they like, but it ainıt gonna happen...

My recommendation?  Either Veritas DBE/AC or SunCluster for the clustering
software, and then (of course) VxVM/CVM for volume manager.  Donıt bother
with clustered file systems unless you like testing other peopleıs
just-certified software...  :-)

Hope this helps...

on 5/15/03 7:31 AM, laura pena at wrote:

> Seems we are getting a killer deal for purchasing RAC with Oracle9i.
> We currently have purchased (2) SunFire 280 (Soalris) that will have a SAN
> connection to our Xiotech machine.
> My question is do we need to purchase a clustering file system solution to run
> RAC? ie. Veritas cluster filesystem? If so, what else may need to be
> purchased?
> Our Xiotech is shared with other applications, will this be a problem if
> implementing a RAC solution on it?
> Thanks in advance.
> -Lizz
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