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Re: Excessive ORA-12805 parallel query server died unexpectedly errors

From: Binley Lim <>
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 17:11:50 -0800
Message-ID: <>

To put another perspective, I don't believe PAT itself is a problem. PAT is available from 8.0(?) onwards. If you don't set the other related parameters explicitly, PAT=true adjusts other parameters in a way that handicaps most systems that uses Parallel Query (ie less likely to cause problems).

A likely reason is running out of "resources" somewhere, so parallel_adaptive_multi_user, parallel_threads_per_cpu and large_pool_size are something to look at. The odd occasion I have seen this, tweaking the above parameters have made the problem "gone away". Has the other par% parameters been set explicitly?

RAC is a another possible reason, depending on what you have done with the configuration previously. Which-ever way, insist on an answer from Oracle Support -- I know this is easier said than done ;-)

> From past experiences - not this version of oracle, though,
> I would do the following for experimental reasons. Set:
> parallel_automatic_tuning FALSE
> parallel_max_servers less than 256
> I would also look out for bitmap indexes, especially
> multi-column bitmap indexes and bitmap indexes on
> partitioned tables to see if they appear regularly in
> the crash traces.
> This is purely based on paranoia - P_A_T is the
> most likely bit to break because it is the newest -
> pessimism - if there's a silly mistake, it's on a
> one-byte boundary so 280 is a threat - and previous
> bugs (bitmaps and partitioning).
> I take it you are seeing "BAD MAGIC NUMBER" in
> the trace files, or Oracle probably wouldn't ask you
> to set 10235.
> Regards
> Jonathan Lewis

> > List,
> >
> > We are starting to see a very high number of this error on one of
> Production databases running 9i. We have not made any changes related
> to parallel query processing to the best of my knowledge.
> >
> > One workaround was to turn off parallel query at the session level.
> Though this takes care of the batch programs, these programs are now
> running for a long time.
> >
> > We have parallel degree set at 4 for tables having more than 1
> million rows.
> >
> > We have opened a TAR with Oracle and the recommendations include
> disabling rac at the oracle executable level since we are not using
> RAC anymore. Oracle expects the right tracing info. by setting event
> "10235 trace name context forever, level 2" at the database level.
> >
> > I am curious to find out whether anyone has seen /worked on this
> error before.

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