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Re: how to notify when dbms_job completes?

From: Ryan <>
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 14:12:56 -0800
Message-ID: <>

RE: how to notify when dbms_job completes?I have a variety of constraints and indices to run. Instead of running them one after another,. I want to use dbms_job to run them all at the same time.

I thought the use of 'parallel' was an add-on that you had to pay extra for? We do not have the parallel query option enabled. Is that different then running index creation in parallel?

  Maybe I am not clear ...

  creating index in parallel means your command will create index in parallel. Even if it runs in parallel, it is only one command. And as long as you follow the command with stats analyze, you will be okay.

  Now, if you mean you wish to create multiple indices in parallel, then my script would look something like ...

  create index ...;

  lather ; rinse; repeat


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  oh i think I figured it out.

  I register a listener with dbms_alert for every dbms_job I run. I then have my jobs alert the listener when complete.

  my main thread will have a counter for every job inside a loop.

  for i=0;i<wait_count;i++
    wake when alerted.

  finish loop when all alerts come in
  do analyze

  yes I know that isnt pl/sql syntax. I Think that will work.


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