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Re: In-Memory Databases..

From: Thomas Day <>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2003 06:57:36 -0800
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Many years ago. The big thing was to partition the database so that each piece could fit in memory and still provide functionality. We would divide the database horizontally; i.e., group tables together so that a given organization could perform it's function with just the data that was in memory. If that was too big then we would also partition the database vertically; i.e., by date range or by last digit of SSN or some other function related to the main table's primary key. If the work to be done was ordered in the same manner then this was OK --- the organization would only have to reload the database a limited number of times as they progressed through the primary key.

However, if the data came in in a random order then this was a nightmare since the database would have to be reloaded for every transaction.

If you think of trying to pin Oracle's most frequently used tables in the db_buffer --- that's basically the issues that you will face.

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Anyone out there using in-memory databases as part of their Database infrastructure? Curious as to what extent the "experiences" have been with some of these tools..


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