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RE: Re: Post IOUG impressions

From: Deshpande, Kirti <>
Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 08:16:55 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I agree.
On the way back to the airport (Thursday 3:30pm), one of the IOUG staff members/volunteers (with that "trade-mark'' shirt on) in the shuttle van told me that he had the CD. I did not ask him how he got one, but he told me that 'someone' from IOUG gave it to him. BTW, he was not at the Closing Ceremony, or the networking thereafter.

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Personally think all attendees, regardless of plane schedules or other plans, should have the option to get a CD. April Wells
Oracle DBA/Oracle Apps DBA
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Amarillo Texas
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I went to the ioug webpage. anyway to buy that CD?
> From: Scott Canaan <>
> Date: 2003/05/07 Wed AM 09:51:54 EDT
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> Subject: Re: Post IOUG impressions
> Actually, they did give out CD's. If you stayed for the entire
> closing ceremony and were one of the last 50 - 100 people networking
> (eating candy) out in the hall, you got a CD. I got one. All the
> presentations and papers are on it, by day.
> This was the first IOUG that I have attended. I was impressed by
> the technical information that was made available. I have already used
> some of what I learned, along with passing it along to my co-workers. I
> was disappointed in everything else. I've been to other conferences
> (OAUG, BSR) that include breakfast and have sit-down lunches, not box
> lunches. Walking around looking for a table that holds 2 or 3 people
> isn't networking. Sitting at a table with 5 or 6 other people is.
> Joe Testa wrote:
> > No CD this year? my 2 cents worth, this was the 1st IOUG i missed
> > since '97(ems class took priority) but I must say, i used the CD quite
> > often from previous conferences. Seems like a small amount of money
> > to save. What happened to the concept of no more paper, seems that
> > would have made more sense.
> >
> > Joe
> >

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