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RE: Post IOUG impressions

From: Murray, Margaret <>
Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 08:12:04 -0800
Message-ID: <>

> Actually, they did give out CD's. If you stayed for the entire
> closing ceremony and were one of the last 50 - 100 people networking
> (eating candy) out in the hall, you got a CD. I got one. All the
> presentations and papers are on it, by day.

I only made it through a few minutes of the ending session as I had to catch a plane (which was delayed 2 hours, so I guess I really could have stayed) so I missed the candy and CDs. Wonder why staying to the bitter end gets the reward of the conference cds and not something less useful, like maybe those colorful IOUG shirts?

> This was the first IOUG that I have attended. I was impressed by
> the technical information that was made available. I have
> already used
> some of what I learned, along with passing it along to my
> co-workers. I
> was disappointed in everything else. I've been to other conferences
> (OAUG, BSR) that include breakfast and have sit-down lunches, not box
> lunches. Walking around looking for a table that holds 2 or 3 people
> isn't networking. Sitting at a table with 5 or 6 other people is.

I agree with that! Even just the tables with the box lunches would have been an improvement (tables on a outside patio a vast improvement! Maybe not in Toronto in April, though...) My summary of the IOUG was great technical information - sessions and opportunities to meet folks (gurus and us regular people) were outstanding. Food was blah - I missed breakfast as my (far away) hotel didn't have a buffet and part of my sales pitch to go was low expenses for food. Transportation to-and-from the Wyndham left much to be desired - only was able to take the bus about 1/2 the time (Disney buses the rest). So where's the link on the IOUG web page for the Conference Evaluation so I can praise and complain directly ;) ?

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