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Re:RE: Proc*C Errors

From: <>
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 09:51:56 -0500
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Oh Stephane, your such a woos. I absolutely hate the OCI interface, talk about a place to blow your head off! 99.99999% of the time that the C compiler tosses a fur ball is something you've done in C that is wrong, although I'll admit is sometimes gets real hairy trying to find it. If the Proc precompiler yaks the fur ball your use of EXEC SQL is wrong and you can search the .lis file looking for the error which start either with 'ORA-' or 'PCC-'. Actually 60% of you errors in C will get caught by the precompiler, such as missing semi-colons and quote marks and commas. Even unbalanced braces get caught before you get to C. BTW: since we don't have the OS your using, on M$ the GUI will display the exact point where the precompiler is yacking in a pop-up when asked.

    But if you MUST use the OCI interface, please do. I have a bunch of folks here who swear by it, that is until they have to upgrade to a newer version of Oracle. Then they swear at it since it will take them a couple of weeks to edit out all of the no longer supported calls. While at the same time I'm up and running once again in a few hours. I've got two "playtime" programs that I originally wrote on Oracle 5. The Pro*C one has not changed a single byte & still runs very nicely on 9i after a precompile & compile. The OCI one has changed every time I've upgraded and this last upgrade took me a whole day to find all of the dead calls. UGLY!

Dick Goulet

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Subject: RE: Proc*C Errors
Author: "Stephane Faroult" <> Date: 3/20/2003 12:33 AM

>My oracle using version is
>Now , I'm programming proc .
>When I precompile them and fail. But I can't see
>what happened .and
>where the errors are.
>So I look carefully for errors in large file.
>Is there some way to show where the error is .and
>what the error is .
>Can you give me your hand .
>Thanks in advance!

Do you get the error when you PREcompile (ie when you run pcc) or during the compile phase? I guess that a pcc error should be relatively explicit. It's a bit more difficult when the compiler finds the error, because the .c file which is in input of the compiler is pretty different from the .pc file you wrote. The C compiler should tell you where the error is - in the .c file. Edit the .c file, go to this line, if it's code you have written you should be able to recognize it and correct it in the .pc file, if it's code inserted by Oracle it probably means you have misused the precompiler. Scroll back till you find your EXEC SQL statement (commented in the .c file), then try to fix the .pc.  All this explains why I have switched to OCIs some years ago.

HTH, Stephane Faroult

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