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RE: Ab Initio, Unix Scripting, and Datawarehousing

Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 11:14:38 -0600
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  1. I don't recognize Ab Initio.
  2. For Unix scripting, there are several alternatives. You should first decide what you should learn (this list can help), before you spend a lot of time learning it. For example, I wasted a lot of time learning csh only to find it isn't a very good scripting language. Does your company have any standards (for scripting, that is)? I would normally recommend ksh, but if you want something that will run on Windoes as well, you may want to consider Perl. This ties to your question #3. The appropriate tool(s) will vary by DW, depending on the needs.
  3. Oh yeah, really different. It starts with the mindset. If you are a normalization bigot, you are in trouble. I find warehouses are much more different from each other that OLTP systems are different. Therefore it is very hard to create simple rules to follow. Are you designing the DW or just working on a DW that someone else designed?

Dennis Williams
Lifetouch, Inc.

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  1. Has anyone ever used Ab Initio? Is it some kind of data conversion tool? What is the the learning curve on it? Is there online documentation and do they have a freeware version to download? I want to learn it. Dont want to use it

for development.

2. What is a good Unix scripting book for Oracle Developers? Dont need a Using
Oracle as a DBA on Unix. Just one on basic scripting. My Unix skills are weak
and I want to improve them. I have Redhat at home. What should I concentrate


3. In theory I know the difference between a datawarehouse and an OLTP, but as
a developer is the work really that different? I understand star schemas etc...
Just need to know how different the work is.


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