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RE: Ab Initio, Unix Scripting, and Datawarehousing

From: Mark Richard <>
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 09:05:49 +1100
Message-Id: <>

I'll comment a little more on the DW vs OLTP question...

I worked on a Data Warehouse project for several years and then about 12 months ago changed to an OLTP project. There are differences between the two, but nothing too radical...

Writing DW queries you probably need to know a lot about various ways to join tables, how to perform complex aggregation, etc. Writing OLTP queries you are more likely to need to get into a table and grab a row real quick - indexing can become very significant, knowing how to write where clauses to use indexes, etc.

Some configuration parameters are very different as well - Sort area sizes, rollback sizes, etc.

Finally with DW there are often two distinct aspects... The batch processes which load the warehouse, and the online user queries. In OLTP there is typcially a lot less batch processing, but there may be complex archiving processes, etc depending on the system.

At the end of the day though the basic requirement is the same... Someone has a question, Oracle has the answer, your job is to get Oracle to provide the answer asap.



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