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RMAN framework scripts, etc

From: Joseph S Testa <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 07:29:05 -0800
Message-ID: <>

A bunch of you asked for it, its not quite done but the majority of the stuff should work just fine, they were originally written for 8i database but latest development has been on, although I've tried to NOT use any 9i specific stuff in them.

yes they are free and you can use to your hearts content just please give credit where credit is due(like on the license agreement).

just like what you paid for it, is how much its worth. You get what you  pay for, there is no guarantee whatsoever, if you blow up your database during a restore test, I'm not responsible.

That being said: the .zip file(its got a password on it, which I'll tell you in a minute), is located(there is zip available for most if not all unix platforms as well as windoze). If you don't have access to zip on either platform, send an email to the and when i have time i'll send you a non-key version(once this is ready for prime-time, the "production" version will not have a key).

its the only file in that directory. These scripts were all written for unix(mostly aix and linux) but should be portably to any *nix.

They have NOT been tested to run in windows via mkstoolkit or cygwin. If someone wants to take that task on, let me know.

This will be the only time the key for the file will be sent in an email, after since the code is open and in the free domain(but I need some control over it while still in development mode),

the key is: d42x21

I hope to have a new build every 2 weeks or so and the key can always be requested by sending an email to .

You'll see that there is some "menu" framework started and its included but is far from finished.

Any questions feel free to email me here or

Joe, happy backups and restores :)

Joseph S Testa
Chief Technology Officer
Data Management Consulting
p: 614-791-9000
f: 614-791-9001

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Author: Joseph S Testa

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