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RE: When to go for ORACLE NAMES Server

From: Jesse, Rich <>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 14:37:26 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Oh, you wanted to set it up on NT? I CAN'T EVEN GET 8.1.6 ONAMES *INSTALLED*, much less running! I finally just gave up and went with our development HP9000 L-class as the "backup" server.

Erm, one other thing I just remembered: We are running 8.1.6 Networking on the HP. Since my ONAMES is 8.0.5 on OpenVMS, I didn't want to try 8.1.6 ONAMES as it's backup -- who knows what differences there might be? So, I installed 8.0.6 ONAMES on HP. Well, for some reason, after firing the 8.0.6 ONAMES backup server on the same box where 8.1.6 networking was being used, I started getting ORA-12xxx packet drop errors. Shutdown the 8.0.6 ONAMES and all's fine.


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> We have 20+ instances & this mess called PeopleSoft, so
> keeping track of
> TNSNAMES is a real tedious thing to do. Consequently we
> migrated to Oracle
> Names & have loved it ever since. If your going to get on
> Onames, use either
> 7.3.4's version of 8.1.6's. 8.0.x's version has way too many bugs.
I personally had the opposite experience. When I tried to set up Oracle Names, I first tried Oracle Names for Oracle NT 7.3.4. I never was successful in starting it, and when I called Oracle support the person on the phone said "I've never managed to make it work either." When I tried Oracle Names 8.0 on HP-UX it worked right the very first time. If one wanted to set it up (it's not really that much more difficult than starting up a listener), I would asking someone to provide sample configuration files (i.e. names.ora and sqlnet.ora). With examples of those two files it should be easy.

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