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RE: Oracle 9i Articles - self tuning, launch delayed to

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 11:46:57 -0700
Message-ID: <>


The article is not actually providing "details", it is just reporting that Oracle has provided "details". Who got them, when, how, where is a different story. :)

It is weird how the article doesn't cite any specific sources at Oracle. I even looked in's press releases page (yuk), and so forth, and couldn't see anything. Although there is a "Press Portal" at that seems to require registration prior to access.

In terms of general 9i product information, there is a lot of stuff (see below), but I couldn't find *anything* at the first or second level of the 9i info that jumped out at me as being focused clearly explaining "self tuning" details.

The "data sheet" on Oracle9i Manageability (URL below) refers

to startup/backup issues, and indicates that "a persistent INIT.ORA feature" is used to bring "self tuned" parameter settings "across shutdowns".

Sounds like an incredibly giant pile of cr*p to me. The assumption they are presumably arguing *against* is that self-tuned features would somehow be non-persistent. The circumstances under which a "self tuning" database would forget what it had done previously is unexplained. Apparently the people that produce the marketing drivel at Oracle either have no clue about this specific topic, or the material was presented to them in an incoherent maner (or both). At any rate it is exceptionally unhelpful to the reader (especially those without a lot of time to waste) to hae to attempt to make sense out of such garbage.

Moving right along...

In the "Resource Management" section (same URL):

   (which means ??????????, I don't know)

[new section:]
"End-to-End Management of Oracle's Internet Infrastructure

  ... is continuous system availability, reliability, and  performance ... important ingredient ... ability to  comprehensively manage all system components. ...  Enterprise Manager ... support[s] the new capabilities of  the database ... integrated central console. "


(explanation follow about a variety of features and tools that make *MANUAL* tuning, *by the dba*, easier!!!)


   Self-tuning, self-managing Oracle9i monitors your system    to provide high availability, reliability and minimized    downtime. Whether you are a hosting service, in-house    data center, or IT organization, you can rely on Oracle9i    and its system management products to provide optimal    quality of service to all users. "

While there is probably some good stuff in the above, the overall tone is rather hyped, especially seeing as how there appears to be far more empasis on providing more/better dba tools (for "manual" opreations) than "real" self-tuning features.

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Funny. The article says "Oracle details....." and there is not a single detail in the article.

Bad Journalism, or Great Marketeering?

|| Oracle details self-tuning pieces of 9i database -

|| Oracle Moves Back 9i Launch, Dribbles Out More Product Detail -

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