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Re: What kind of system privilege is needed for a DBA?

From: John Flack <JOHNF_at_SYNMHS.USA.COM>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 16:45:18 -0500
Message-Id: <>

> I am an Oracle DBA, the only person directly access the UNIX database
> server, and the database application is the only application on the
> UNIX server. ( Other user uses the SQLNET to connect to the system.
> They do not have system_id only have database login id).
> I has the root access of the machine. Now some questions are raised about
> my root privilege. I am not belong to system group. And the system group
> only has a guy who took a UNIX adm class, and occasionly login in to the
> system.
> I wonder what kind of privilege is necessary for a DBA to finish his/her
> job in a decent quility.
> What kind of experience do you guys have? Is there any industry norm on
> how the system privelege are resolved when a DBA is not in the system group?

I do DBA stuff on two machines. On one, I have root, because I also backup the system administrator. I don't have root on the other. Generally, it is no problem not having root privileges. The only time you REALLY need root is at database install and upgrade time. Even then, it is sufficiant for the DBA to be given the root password temporarily, then have it changed. Or if the SYSADM doesn't want to do that, you could write a step by step list of things (it isn't a long list) that must be done as root, hand it to the SYSADM, and ask him/her to do them at the appropriate times.

Even though you don't absolutely need root, it is nice to have. But it is better to maintain a cordial relationship with the SYSADM. Received on Tue Feb 27 1996 - 17:10:33 CST

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