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Oracle on Netware ?

From: Chris Don <zawlhcd1_at_IBMMAIL.COM>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 03:39:05 EST
Message-Id: <>

Hardware: Compaq Proliant 100mHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, 23 GB disk (2 banks of

          RAID 5) containing about 12 GB data Op system: Netware 3.11
Oracle: V

         Oracle Netware SPX Server V
         We use IPX/SPX protocol

Our architecture is that our data warehouse delivers data to the data marts - this allows us to limit access to Oracle to just power users who would come in and browse and when they've identified what they want we would formalise their request and deliver it to their data mart as a regular download (normally monthly). We have no applications written directly against Oracle except an inhouse Visual Basic/Clipper scheduling app. - in fact the Clipper code in this scheduler is preventing us from upgrading Oracle to later versions as the Clipper SQL library doesn't support later releases of Oracle. We will have to rewrie this scheduler in some other product as we would like to take advantage of data warehousing enhancements coming out in later releases of Oracle.
I have found Oracle to be very stable on Netware but spent quite a lot of time trying to understand how much memory needs to be allocated to Netware as it seems to be very hungry - hence our high memory of 512 MB !!! Currently I am using a 3rd party tool Impromptu to query data in Oracle and find if I create a calculated variable (with more than 12 fields) in my SELECT that it crashes Netware - I posted details of this problem last Friday but had limited response. Impromptu puts brackets around each and every part of the calculation and either Oracle or Netware goes into a spin - got both vendors helping me at present to resolve as I can't have Netware crashing !!

To allow more users in I need to look at parallel option/multi processors: Have not been able to use the parallel version of Oracle (which we bought) as Netware is single processor operating system - however the Netware parallel processor version is out now (works on Oracle 7.2 onwards I think). We will consider that versus NT probably - will wait for the new product to settle down before we even try it - wasted too much time trying out these new versions and finding the bugs for them !!!!
I find support for Oracle on Netware very thin in South Africa - everyone else uses some flavour of UNIX - we chose Netware because our Office automation etc in on Netware and there were no skills for UNIX inhouse - we are thus hoping Oracle on Netware will grow but feel like a pioneer at this stage !!!!

Subject: Oracle on Netware ?


We are planning to move to Oracle on a Netware (due to the existing hardware). We will have data in the range of 500M-1G and I am interested in hearing from people who have some experience with this setup. I would like to know especially
 the performance and tuning experiences. Right now its not possible for us to move to a UNIX platform but I want to know how stable the Oracle 7 on netware

 can be for data upto 1 Gig. Received on Fri Feb 09 1996 - 03:56:15 CST

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