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Re[2]: How to speed up parsing?

From: David White <DWHITE_at_MCCFWC01.SSW.JNJ.COM>
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 1996 14:31:14 GMT
Message-Id: <>

     One more question for you:
        On a table by table, index by index basis, do the number of extents
     used match? (Hopefully at a number close to 1).
        It's easy to get different initial/next extents if your exports
     were made a different dates. This assumes you used compress=y in the
     export. Having many extents, as you probably know, can ruin

     David White

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Subject: Re: How to speed up parsing?
Author: ORACLEL (INTERNET.ORACLEL1) at ~SWIFTMAIL Date: 2/1/96 2:22 PM

OK. Here's more info. The two instances are both on the same machine. The views are defined exactly the same. The indexes are the same on both instances. I have verified this by doing set operations using database links between the instances. The use of the instances is a little different, one being used by developers the other by an integrated testing team.

Each instance has its datafiles spread across several disks in a Sparc Storage Array. Two instances do not share the same devices so there should not be contention there.

Both of these instances are copies (extract/import) of our production database. It's just that the copies were made at different times. One was made when we first went production. The other was refreshed after another module went into production. But setups (for PA) were done manually in the older instance.

Jeff Weiss

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Subj: Re: How to speed up parsing?


First of all, "parsing" is where Oracle deciphers the SQL provided to figure out what it has to do. Parsing is NOT the execution of the SQL. Secondly, we need more info. Are there indexes on both systems? Are the views defined exactly the same way? What are the load differences of the machines? What is the disk spread of the two machines? etc. etc.

Tim Sawmiller
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