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An idea on list protocol suggestions

From: Jan Baumgras, 566 Bldg., 6-0443 <jbaumgras_at_DOW.COM>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 1995 14:09:37 -0500
Message-Id: <>

Sorry to add more to the mail heap on the voting issue, but I think this is a fresh idea that might actually reduce mail in the long run???

Over the past 2-3 months, there have been two suggestions put before this group that were intended to reduce mail. (The jobpost question and the recent voting about replies issue.) Both generated a flood of mail - just the opposite of the intended purpose.

What I'd propose is this. When someone wants to suggest an alteration in protocol for the discussion group, they post the idea to the list but volunteer to collect all the feedback directly rather than have all the comments go to the list. They should include their personal mail address in the body of the message to assist those who can't get that information from headers/trailers. It is then their responsibility to post the feedback to the list in one message which the rest of us can chose to read or not.

In keeping with my own suggestion, I am volunteering to collect the feedback on this idea. I'll be away from work next week (3/17 - 3/24) but will attend to the feedback when I return. I will NOT EVEN SEE any comments posted directly to Oracle-l because I turn off my mail from this group when away. Therefore, if you want your comments included in my follow-up message, do send them directly to me. I promise to include the entire uneditted text of all messages, pro or con, in the follow-up (including the source, which you might want to keep in mind while you write!). I will make an attempt to summarize as well (much as I hate to.)

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