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Re: Help create package - Summary

From: John Carlson <jecarlso_at_WINDANCE.RDYNE.ROCKWELL.COM>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 1995 12:47:59 -0500
Message-Id: <>

Thanks to all who replied. My original question was - How do you view the error messages when using SQLPLUS to try to create a package?
> Warning: Package created with compilation errors.
> Warning: Package Body created with compilation errors.
The answers are:

show errors
show errors object_type object_name
select * from user_errors or all_errors or dba_errors

If selecting from all errors or dba_errors you need to qualify what you are looking for. Also, the line numbers shown may not match your source if you have blank lines. I found the best way to find the correct line is to do a 'list' in sqlplus after you run it and then the line numbers shown will match the error messages.

Now for my 2 cents on the great debate about how to reply to this list. I agree with Bambi's comments and others who say they get a lot out of just seeing all the great information that passes through. However, I believe the discussion to be a futil effort because there are so many people constantly subscribing and unsubscribing to this list that the message will never reach them. Just look at how many people don't know how to unsubscribe! Another thing, there are many different types of mail programs being used and sometimes I tend to forget that everybody does not see the posting as I do. (ie. return addresses, automatic signatures, subject lines, etc.) If everyone would just use a subject line, you can skip the ones you don't want.

Thanks to all,
John Carlson
Rocketdyne Division
Rockwell International
Canoga Park, CA Received on Tue Mar 14 1995 - 13:06:07 CST

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