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I have two database server's. Lets say one of the them is residing on Server A and the second one of Server B.

Server A has a schema called Schema1
Server B has a schema called Schema2

The front end application connects to Server A to Schema 1.

Now here's my problem:
The application needs to extract data from Server B (Schema2) via Server 1 (Schema1). How can I make this possible?

Three solutions I can think of are:
1. External link and then in the end of the query @<external link>
2. External link and then create synoymns in Server A (Schema1) for objects in Server B(Schema2)
3. Export from Server B and then import to Server A
4. Setup another datasource for the application.

Due to limitations can't do options 1, 3 or 4.
I could do option 2.

I want to see if there is another way of doing this.

Any help on this issue would be appreciated.
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Option 5 would be to migrate the data so that you no longer have two database servers but now only have one larger one.

Option 6 would be to create a data warehouse, via any number of ways, and have both databases feed their data to the warehouse as part of the normal load process (such as a logical standby database) and then have the app hit the warehouse.

Option 7 would be to have Server B send its data of interest to server A via Oracle Streams.

The answer of course as always is it depends. How often does data change, size of the databases and data, if this is a one time thing or a daily thing, your environment, your politics, etc.

But I don't understand why limitations would cause you to not be able to use option 1, but allow you to use option 2. They are essentially the same.

Option 8 would be just like 1 and 2, except use views instead of synonyms.

In Oracle, External Links are called Database (or DB) links.
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