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Problem retrieving blob with jdbc thin driver [message #215899] Wed, 24 January 2007 04:21
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Using the oracle 9.2 thin driver for our J2EE application, we encountered a problem to retrieve blob from our database. Instead of getting blob content we get a constant array of 86 bytes that is, according to web issues, the oracle's blob locator ?! So when we update our bean it stores blob locator as blob content ! The problem is that we can't use the OCI driver (that seems to solve the problem) because our application server and database are separated. Moreover, our software architecture, based on Jonas (4.8.3), Java 1.5 with EJB and CMP bean, uses the oracle's rdb mapper (datasource.mapper=rdb.oracle) to automatically maps database data in our bean. So we can't change the way blob are retrieved. We temporarily found a solution in using default java.sql.Blob and getBlob("field name") on the resultset but it decreases our application performance as it implies a new (and repetitve) database access for each bean (that contains blob) to correct blob. Finally, we attempt to use the Oracle JDBC thin driver but without any change. Do you have any ideas to solve our problem ?

To conclude with another worrying subject for us (even if we don't faced it yet), we discovered in looking for solution on the web that according to developper's issues, it seems not to be possible to insert blob larger than 4Ko in database with the thin driver ?! Is there a correction for this bug on thin driver available ?

Thank you for your answer and apologize for my bad english.
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