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Performance [message #104570] Tue, 30 November 2004 07:47
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Hi. I have a work in college in wich I need to detect the performance of oracle. What I mean is that I have to create a few tables, non-indexed, and make operations on them and record the time that they took to execute. After that, I create the same tables but with index, with the same records and make the same operations on them. Afterwords, I need to explain wich one is better and why. So, I created a program in VB that opens a connection to a DB and executes a select on the table (has 1000000 records). The problem is that VB tells me that the operation takes 0.001s (give or take)... What I need is that VB executes the select, the Oracle server gets that select, executes it and AFTER that, the VB gets an answer... Wich seems to not be happening...

Here is the code:


Dim consulta, strExecucao As String
Dim i As Integer
Dim inittime As Double
Dim endtime As Double
Dim intervalo As Double

Set conexao = New ADODB.Connection
conexao.ConnectionString = "DSN=ODBCFILIPE;UID=FILIPE;PWD=FILIPE;"
i = 1

'strExecucao = conexao.Execute("Select SQL from instrucoes where codigo1='1';")

inittime = Timer 'Initial time
conexao.Execute ("Select * from Tab1R;")
endtime = Timer 'Final time
intervalo = endtime - inittime
Text1.Text = intervalo


The Oracle is 9i under windows XP

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