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RMAN on NT target db and catalog on UNIX [message #367105] Tue, 28 November 2000 15:19
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The target database is on Redhat Linux 6.2.
The catalog database is on Redhat Linux 6.2
The rman software is being run on Microsoft Windows NT 4.00.1381

The database of the catalog database is Oracle
The target database is Oracle8.
No database on NT system

this is my code:
connect target sys/target@fndry_p
connect catalogrman/pass@adm_p
run {
allocate channel incr0dsk type disk;
incrementallevel 0
tag incr0_bkup
format 'F:\tapebackup\tape0\fndryp\%d_%u'
(databaseinclude current controlfile);
release channel incr0dsk;
I manage to connect to my target and catalog databases fine, and have managed
to register the target database. I am trying to backup the database to my NT
server (where I amrunning the RMAN software/commands from) and I notice that
it has been writing to the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory in the target database's
server. I was wondering whether this was an intermediate step and it
eventually would copy into the NT server. It has fallen over several times
due to the size issues. I have tried using the set size command to have it work
to see if it would evercopy it to the NT with no luck.
What am I doing wrong? I need to run RMAN from that software because we will be
later implementing the tape backup from NT.

Errors received:

RMAN-03007 retryable error occurred during execution of command:backup
RMAN-07004 unhandled exception during command execution on channelincr0dsk
RMAN-10035 exception raised in RPC: ORA-19502:write error on
"F:\tapebackup\tape0\fndryp\FNDRY_P_05cbk3k5", blockno 4193793(blocksize=512)
ORA-27072 skgfdisp: I/O error
Linux Error: 9: Bad filedescriptor
Additional Information: 4193793
RMAN-10031: ORA-19624 occurred duringcall to

To me it seems like when I run the command on NT, it reads the UNIX files and copies it to UNIX. I need for it to see its own local drives (ie c:\ or f:\). I am executing the RMAN executable from the NT server. To me it seems like it just looks at the target server and copies the files there. This does not make
sense since, whey would anyone want to backup the files of a server to the same

I want NT to see NT's own files. I do not want the UNIX drives mounted as I
want to copy it to the NT server.
Does it mean wherever you run the command from (RMAN) the drives it looks for
are stored on the target server?
Hope this helps better to understand my problem.
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