Re: Object-oriented thinking in SQL context?

From: Gene Wirchenko <>
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 11:32:37 -0700
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>On 8 Jun, 18:25, Bob Badour <> wrote:


>> Those are mostly trivial data modelling problems. Have you read anything
>> on data modelling, normalization, joins?
>Yes, I have. Well, 'browsed' is a better term, as the
>objective is to get a working demo system up in a hurry.

     Then you will make the mistakes that newbies make.

>As age progresses, I'm more and more inclined to skip
>reading what is not immediately percieved as useful, so
>presumably I don't see the forest for the trees. Databases
>are the solution to the problem at hand; I just don't have
>the hands-on experience (yet) needed to come up with a
>working system.

     You need knowledge first.



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