Re: Relation subset operators

From: paul c <>
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 2009 18:32:20 GMT
Message-ID: <UwdWl.30733$PH1.215_at_edtnps82> wrote:
> On 5 juin, 18:56, paul c <> wrote:
>> wrote:
> Question 8 (the one you mentionned): What are the total sales of
> salesmen who sold ALL purple cars is a particular case of Question1
> since all salesmen who sold ALL purple cars are the same than ALL
> salesmen who have sold AT LEAST one purple car. ...

I believe, au contraire, that the answer is the same as the total sales of each salesman (assuming there never were any purple cars, which would be a shame IMO). See "purple parts" in Received on Fri Jun 05 2009 - 20:32:20 CEST

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