Re: webmail user mailbox schema design?

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Fri, 01 May 2009 18:12:23 -0300
Message-ID: <49fb65b8$0$23754$>

ddf wrote:

> On May 1, 1:15 pm, Bob Badour <> wrote:

>>Tegiri Nenashi wrote:
>>>On May 1, 9:37 am, ddf <> wrote:
>>>>Partitioning the MESSAGES table on user_id could provide speed and
>>>>manageability by segregating each users messages to a single
>>>>partition; partition pruning would eliminate visits to unrelated
>>>>partitions effectively reducing the data set to a fraction of the
>>>>total number of messages stored.
>>>I struggle to understand a single advantage of partitioning. Well, you
>>>listed one advantage -- easy deletion. However, since when deletion
>>>became a determining factor in database design?
>>What's even more striking and even harder to understand is someone
>>suggesting highly detailed, very explicit physical implementation
>>details on the basis of the sketchiest of problem statements.
>>I am sure you would agree: Anyone doing so has no idea what they are
>>talking about.
> I fail to see the 'highly detailed' nature of my response.  Please
> post the text from that offering where my thought became an explicit
> method.  Include the DDL I supplied as well.
> David Fitzjarrell

One does not need to provide DDL to make highly detailed and explicit design suggestions like partitions. Received on Fri May 01 2009 - 23:12:23 CEST

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