Re: general design issue

From: paul c <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 17:13:03 GMT
Message-ID: <zwHIl.24221$Db2.8427_at_edtnps83>

skink wrote:
> ...
> oh my god, yes, yes, yes !!!
> i got it working !!!
> ...

To me, a lesson that is more important than platform idiosyncrasies is that you knew you had a problem, because you had the wit to instrument your code. I've known many developers who were pathologically incapable of ever knowing they had a problem! Not to criticize the cleverness of your alternate plan but often such work-arounds turn out to be 'requirements' invented by developers which are really irrelevant to the app. I remember a number of people trying to streamline code in a sort bottleneck in database system code. The final attempt eliminated the sort entirely by re-arranging a few structures. The person who wrote the sort had been ignorant of all the requirements, so he thought he must invent a few. I imagine people who write to smaller slower devices are more aware of this phemenon. Received on Sat Apr 25 2009 - 19:13:03 CEST

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