Re: Onto a potential relational manipulation language

From: paul c <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 21:00:44 GMT
Message-ID: <0iA0l.156$xD3.108_at_edtnps83> wrote:
> What I was saying that algebraic version of predicate calculus
> (whatever this might be) doesn't have *explicit* quantifiers. By
> explicit I mean their syntactic appearance, especially the
> introduction of auxiliary bind variables. Arguably quantifiers with
> these bind variables introduce a steep learning curve for anybody who
> transitioned from propositional to predicate calculus.
> ...

Okay, I won't argue with a language expert, which I think you are, at least compared to me. (I've been called a language philistine a couple of times and that was probably accurate). Received on Fri Dec 12 2008 - 22:00:44 CET

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