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From: Walter Mitty <>
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2008 15:12:05 GMT
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> The biggest weakpoint with dbms is that it was pretty darn hard to
> modify either the tables or the relationships (sets). Pretty much was
> a process of 'unload/reload', but the fact that organizations were
> running routinely on '386 class hardware' does not escape me. I
> remember at least one project keeping the transactional database on
> dbms and farming out the reporting to an oracle server with nightly
> datamart dumps.

By 'dbms' do you mean VAX DBMS?

> Digital's datatrieve and cdd was very forwardlooking at the time
> (imo), and I would see secretaries using 'ade' or something in telnet
> windows to create entire applications and building their own queries
> without the it deparment knowing anything about it. Obviously the cdd
> could target rdb and regular files too. I remember the entire product
> line from digital's database folks to be incredibly interesting.

Datatrieve was very interesting form the point of view of "integrating relational and non relational data", something I said in another reply. By using Datatrieve's CROSS operator, you could, in effect, join data from a relational database like VAX RDB with data from a non relational database like VAX DBMS, or from RMS files. If you could get through a gateway you could even use data from IMS, IDMS, or CICS.

In particular, the CROSS operator had no particular difficulty in dealing with repeating groups. It made input from files with repeating groups "look flat".

So, would an up to date datatrieve do what you want? Why or why not? Received on Sat Nov 01 2008 - 16:12:05 CET

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