Re: Objectified Relational Mapping

From: paul c <toledobysea_at_ac.ooyah>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 16:11:05 GMT
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Evan Keel wrote:
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>> What the hell is objectivied relational mapping? Can anyone point me to
>> references? I've Googled, but nothing. My client insists that  the db act

> as
>> an object broker. What does this mean?
>> Thanks in advance...
>> Evan

> Thanks for the responses. UGH!. I have turned down the project.
> Evan

Run, don't walk!

I have the impression that some or all of the original motivation for the 'object broker' movement had to do with physical problems, such as a desire for remote execution. Also that much of the delay in bringing out the 'open-source' mozilla, eg., firefox, had to do with underestimating the effort to give it a portable programming interface.   (I saw a couple of projects go awry because they assumed one or two developers could take care of all portability issues.) Interested to hear comments, especially as to how this movement might pertain to db engines. Received on Thu Jun 12 2008 - 18:11:05 CEST

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