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From: Bernard Peek <>
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 14:21:18 +0000
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slinky wrote:
> I'm looking for someone, someone I can get an email from confirming
> their opinion for presenting a standard for deleing employees in an HR
> database.
> The issue is we have thousands of workers and hire several each day,
> some of whom we make an offer but they fail to show. Once the offer
> has been made we open a record for them even though they may not show.
> We want to, and and IS dept. to convince that these records must not
> be deleted.

I'm not an HR person but I do recruit people. I would like to know about these no-shows so that I can avoid offering a job to them in future. But in the UK there are strict regulations that require any personal data to be purged when it is no longer useful.

> I need a solid opinion form an HR database person who can state their
> views on this.

It's not a database issue, it's a business issue. If the business is willing to pay someone to delete the records and the project sponsor will sign a piece of paper to authorise it then the business has spoken and IS should execute the decision.

In general I am in favour of the UK approach where the business has to have a justification for holding personal data, and is required to review its decisions regularly. In this case the business doesn't appear to be able to justify retaining the data and I'm curious about why you want to influence the decision. It's not really a database theory issue so feel free to take this to email if you prefer.

> Does anyone out there know of such as scenario?
> Thanks!!

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