Re: Object-relational impedence

From: Cimode <>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 15:28:01 -0700 (PDT)
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On 16 mar, 20:58, S Perryman <> wrote: [Snipped gibberish my head hurts reading]
> C>*CS is as much about computers then Astronomy is about telescopes*
> > He also said that OO is such a poor idea that it could have come only
> > from California...He had nothing but disdain for OO babbling...
> Yes, it would certainly appear to be the case for babbling from the *USA* .

> Of course, for the actual creators of OOP (who came from *Norway* ) , he
> appeared to have a lot of respect for them (even co-authored a book with
> one of them) .
Pathetic BS. How can somebody would say that OO is a bad idea in the first place and have respect for the moron who created that idiotic approach to computing. You are even dumber than I thought initially. They need to invent a word to describe the state of decay in which your neurons are.

As if there was a noble and a smart OO coming from Norway. Tons and tons of crappola...

> >>Astronomy without telescopes is merely staring into the night sky.
> >>CS without computers is merely pure mathematics.
> > What an arrogant bastard. You think you are smart enough to complete
> > Dijkra line of thought. You are nothing but a moron.
> I merely showed how your attempt to use one line from some Dijkstra writing
> as a "sound-bite" and "appeal to authority" , has left you looking like a
> fool.
If you can't make sense out of that than it's simply confirms once more that you are a moron.

> >>I think the phrase you're looking for to describe your foolishness is ...
> >>Pffff.
> > Has to copy even the *Pfff*.
> Really, are you Topmind in disguise ??
No moron I am not topmind....The idiot now has dellusions...

> Regards,
> Steven Perryman
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