Re: Theory and practice

From: Roy Hann <specially_at_processed.almost.meat>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 07:35:27 -0000
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> 1. If you were asked to specify, based on your experience, what are
> the top 10 data management problems rooted in poor foundational
> knowledge, what would those be?

I do a lot of product-specific training in the workplace. Two weeks ago I was training a roomful of university graduates for one of the big consultancies. One of the exercises incidentally asked the students to compute a percentage. I had to explain how.

Faced with that, it hardly seems worth considering your question above.

Ask me again in a few weeks when I've forgotten the experience.

> 2. What kind of specific instances in practice that exemplify those
> problems are sufficiently common, frequent and costly to raise
> interest in proper education as a way to solve them. Any chance?

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