Re: Object-relational impedence

From: rugby fan <>
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2008 20:19:50 +0000
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Marshall wrote:

> On Mar 5, 9:58 am, S Perryman <> wrote:

>>But you cannot claim that all OO prog langs will have an implementation >>that forces the fallacious "one at a time" scheme

> Can you name one that doesn't? (I think I agree that
> one could exist in theory, however.)

CLOS, OCaml etc (by virtue of being built on Functional prog langs) .

>>(Functional programming being a case in point) .

> Why are you bringing up functional programming when
> talking about OOPLs?

Because FP has :

  • been able to support OO quite easily
  • has an interesting execution infrastructure that IMHO makes it a good candidate for supporting the Relational paradigm

Given that the topic is "Object-relational impedence" , I am interested in anything that may be able to remove the impedence. And you ??

> Are you thinking of map(), by chance?

Are you talking about the map function (map : Type x Func -> Type) ?? If so, no (in fact, no for any likely meaning of "map" ) .

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