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From: Robert Martin <>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 16:37:16 -0600
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On 2008-03-03 12:13:08 -0600, topmind <> said:

> Paul Graham describes this nicely:
> (quote)
> 2. Object-oriented programming is popular in big companies, because it
> suits the way they write software. At big companies, software tends to
> be written by large (and frequently changing) teams of mediocre
> programmers. Object-oriented programming imposes a discipline on these
> programmers that prevents any one of them from doing too much damage.
> The price is that the resulting code is bloated with protocols and
> full of duplication. This is not too high a price for big companies,
> because their software is probably going to be bloated and full of
> duplication anyway.
> 3. Object-oriented programming generates a lot of what looks like
> work. Back in the days of fanfold, there was a type of programmer who
> would only put five or ten lines of code on a page, preceded by twenty
> lines of elaborately formatted comments. Object-oriented programming
> is like crack for these people: it lets you incorporate all this
> scaffolding right into your source code. Something that a Lisp hacker
> might handle by pushing a symbol onto a list [data-oriented
> programming] becomes a whole file of classes and methods. So it is a
> good tool if you want to convince yourself, or someone else, that you
> are doing a lot of work.
> (end-quote)
> (source:

That's one of the most foolish things I've every seen a smart person write.

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