Re: Separate PK in Jxn Tbl?

From: Salad <>
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 06:55:58 -0800
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-CELKO- wrote:

Thank you. You made my point. I was only wrong on the non-English speaking programmers. It doesn't appear to be a famous failure, more like a internal problem exacerbated by management.

> It is a good classic screw up, with blame for everyone!
> 1) ACCESS programmer builds desktop app on his own that looks good for
> his immediate needs.

Obviously a dedicated person that takes some initiative.

> 2) Management sees the app and wants to deploy it all over the
> company. Hey, why design anything new when we have it already?

Dilbert's pointy headed boss comes to the rescue.

> 3) ACCESS programmer claims it will deploy and and management believes
> him.

The programmer is correct.

> 4) It does not scale, it does not interface with mainframe apps,
> external apps, etc. It has no documentation, etc.

Management decides unwisely to not spend money to upgrade it or redefine it to meet goals. Programmer has a life and a job and doesn't have time to write documentation. Mgt is too cheap to provide him with a technical writer or someone to do bug testing. This is obviously not an important project.

> 5) ACCESS programmer now has a career being the only guy who can keep
> the sinking boat up. Never mind how many times a week it has to be re-
> booted or how much data is lost.

Programmer skill level may come into play. Feature creep may come into play. Management thought on project is nil. Something for nothing and the chicks for free.

> 6) Neither the programmer nor management will scream for help and ask
> for a budget. Management would look stupid; programmer would lose his
> job and power

You get what you pay for.

I can't fault the programmer. He made something to make his job easier.   Mgt glommed onto it but wasn't willing to invest in it.

I asked before, are you on the committee that oversees the project? If so, look in the mirror. Received on Fri Feb 01 2008 - 15:55:58 CET

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