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MI5 Persecution: How Could It Be True?

If you have the patience to read these articles you will be struck by how apparently fantastic the claims being put forward are. You may ask yourself why such seemingly nonsensical assertions are made. This matter has been discussed on the Internets UK-local newsgroups for three years now, and the denizens of the uk.misc newsgroup (the so-called "miscreants") have come up with a number of theories to explain these posts; it has been variously suggested that they are a troll (an artificial creation for the amusement of its author), that they are made by MI5 themselves with the purpose of discrediting other conspiracy theories, and that the poster is mentally ill and the articles are symptomatic of the illness (the view held by most miscreants).

Are these claims the product of mental illness, or is that just a cover?

The most obvious explanation, that the claims made result from the admitted mental illness of the author, is the one which the persecutors intend be the one accepted without consideration being given to the possibility of the claims being true. The persecutors have actually been very clever about this, both in selecting as their target someone who was known from school or university as being borderline schizophrenic, and in ensuring the nature of their persecution corresponds to what often features in the delusions of a schizophrenic.

The very first incident of the persecution occurred in June 1990, when I was still a student at university in London. It consisted of a reaction (giggling) from the newsreader, Sue Carpenter of ITN, to what she saw happening in my living-room at my parents home where I was living. Before your imagination gets the better of you I should make clear that what the newsreader was reacting to was not too embarrassing in nature; my mother had brought an apple for me into the the room, and Sue Carpenter found this amusing.

I recognized that Carpenter had reacted to what she had seen in my living-room, yet this idea still seemed completely fantastic to me. My reaction was to continue watching television, particularly the news, to see if this incident would be repeated. It was, many times, both on BBC and ITV. An intelligent person would have thought to obtain a video recorder and capture some of these incidents in order to try to explain to an observer what he saw in these broadcasts. Unfortunately, I failed this test of intelligence, since I did not record these programmes. I have recently attempted to obtain from ITN tapes of their news programmes dating back to summer 1990, but, unhappily, they have advised me that they do not have complete programmes including newsreaders comments dating back to that period.

From the outset, the persecutors structured their actions to ensure that any complaint would be met with disbelief, and dismissed as delusional. This is why they chose as their target someone who was known at school and university to be borderline mentally ill; and it is why they fired the first shots of their campaign through the broadcast media. Schizophrenics commonly believe the media harass them; it would be exceptional for "full-duplex television" to exist in reality. Those with schizophrenia also commonly believe people are talking about them; again, the persecutors have shown themselves very rarely, but act through intermediaries, both in the workplace, and in public and during travel.

Mental illness is not the cause of these claims, but the simulation of its symptoms is a cover used by the persecutors to deny their victim the ability to have his compaints believed.

What evidence exists to support these claims of "interactive television/radio";?

Quite frankly, I have very little evidence to support my claims. You may examine the "Evidence" area of my website to see such evidence as I have been able to gather. None of it is remotely conclusive. The "smoking guns" all date back to 1990/91, and it is really rather late now to start trying to look for material dating back seven or eight years. In 1997 I started tape-recording every programme I watched or listened to. I also started carrying with me a high-fidelity minidisc-recorder with good quality microphone to catch incidents of public harassment, but this also has not been as successful or conclusive as I had hoped.

Perhaps the best item in the "Evidence" section is the audio file "Life is so hard" (it is labelled with Garfield the cartoon character on the site), which I have given a certainty level of 100%. This item relates to harassment at my workplace in Canada in 1996. A co-worker called Mark was coming up with phrases and expressions which were repeating things being said at my Canadian residence, consequently leading me to believe that my apartment and home phone were bugged, and that the persecutors were passing their gathered information on to Mark. On one particular evening I said in my apartment, "life is so hard, and then you die". The following day I was able to record Mark saying exactly the same phrase at work.

Unfortunately when "they" know you are recording them, they simply dont say things which would unambiguously show harassment. When Mark the co-worker knew he was being recorded, he only made his remarks out of range of the recorder, for example outside the building. When the TV newscasters or radio disc jockeys know they are being taped, they limit themselves to saying things which are ambiguous, which even in my mind may or may not be personally directed against me.

Who knows about this persecution?

Surprisingly many people know. People in the media, such as BBC and ITN newscasters including Martyn Lewis and Michael Buerk, and radio disc jockeys such as Chris Tarrant of Capital Radio, know what is going on, and take part in it. Some co-workers at my former workplaces in England and Canada have known about the harassment. Quite a few people in the general public are also included. I believe the police are aware of the persecution, but, unfortunately, have chosen not to take any action to stop it. I have complained at my local police station in London several years ago, and I have stated on the internet newsgroups that I have done so, hence the police will be well aware of my wish to see the matter resolved. I believe their inaction denotes a dereliction of duty, but without good evidence, I am powerless to compel them to take steps to prevent further harassment, or deal with what has already taken place.

What is the purpose of sending these faxes?

These faxes are being sent to three distinct groups of people, namely Members of Parliament, the media, and diplomats & legal people. As you will have observed I am making use of the email-to-fax gateway at Demon Internet to send these faxes. I am forced to use this gateway since I currently live in North America, and cannot afford the high cost of direct phone calls to the UK.

My purpose in publicising my claims is firstly to discourage the persecutors from continuing their campaign, and also to attempt to bring their campaign out into the open, and thus perhaps identify the persecutors. Neither aim has been achieved yet, but I hope that with sufficient stimulation these aims may yet be accomplished.

The problem with the second aim is that those who read this article will fall into two groups, those who dont know anything about the persecution and consequently will disbelieve my claims as delusional, and those who do know about the harassment and may have some idea of who is behind it, but realise that if the harassers are exposed and the truth brought out into the open, then powerful British institutions will substantially lose prestige, and be exposed to ridicule.

It would give me hope to believe that these faxes will create a third group of people, those who find out that I am telling the truth, and who follow their consciences in standing up and seeing justice done. Only time will tell if this hope will be realized.


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