Re: plz normalize this table for me

From: paul c <>
Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2007 16:34:35 GMT
Message-ID: <v8B4j.15233$UQ1.12777_at_pd7urf1no>

Bob Badour wrote:
> There was a typo in the postal code: H0H 0H0

Ho, Ho, Ho and Santa answers too, sometimes unrequested. Every year I get a letter from him even though I didn't send one. Some anonymous prankster spoofs my name and snail address. Somebody said his elves handle it but I don't believe that because I know Santa reads all the letters himself, the code has nothing to do with his address which moves around so fast no real-time system could keep up. Received on Sun Dec 02 2007 - 17:34:35 CET

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