Re: One-To-One Relationships

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2007 11:15:07 -0400
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Jan Hidders wrote:

> On 1 dec, 01:13, JOG <> wrote:
>>On Nov 30, 9:36 pm, Jan Hidders <> wrote:


>>>If the distinction is not useful and in
>>>fact bad for data modeling then this should somehow become apparent
>>>when you start working with such data models.
>>But it is very apparent Jan. A testament to that are the hundreds of
>>students I have encountered who end up very confused at the logical
>>layer because of it (and their pre-indoctrination in OO), dropping the
>>subject area as a result.

> Actually the problem is with OO is the same as with the RM, but at the
> other side of the spectrum. In OO the notion of entity is assumed to
> be central, in RM the notion of relationship is. Both are wrong.

I disagree with the latter assertions. The central notions of the RM are predicates, propositions and proofs.

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