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Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 15:21:28 -0700
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Alfredo Novoa <> wrote:

>On 12 oct, 10:21, Cimode <> wrote:
>> --Critics of Parker's book
>> Parker's book is a true *revolution* in thinking. Parker has
>> developped a *model* which is also a *paradigm shift* in the way we
>> perceive *data* in the database. It does fit more precisely today's
>> systems needs and helps avoid the problem of *impedance mismatch*
>> common on relational databases products such as Oracle, SQL Server and
>> DB2. Parker's model is recognized ISO 9010 and is spoken of by ANSI
>> committee as
>> "The next great thing since the relational model became obsolete....
>> (D.Parek PhD - ANSI Comittee)
>Here is a time saver:

     It is OK, I suppose, but Cimode's work was custom.


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