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Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 17:29:39 GMT
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somebody tried the SQL on Oracle and it worked!

It worked on MS SQL Server!

the left and right outer joins worked...yes I fixed the where->on

what kind of sick forum did I get myself into!

a bunch of arrogant people with NO scientific knowledge some disturbed by my simple little normalization problem

I've always found arrogance and talent to be mutually exclusive!

I am out of this forum!

The world will hit you like a freight train once you get out of that little college into the real world.

THAT IS IT! You are there thinking you should have gone to Stanford or that other place!

Let go of that failure and learn all you can!

David Portas wrote:
>> lets see what you boys know!
>[quoted text clipped - 18 lines]
>> insert into boys values('Sam', 'Chicago');
>> insert into boys values('James', 'Dallas');
>Is "does not work" considered to be an adequate description of a
>problem in your organization / place of study?
>Perhaps the answer is that your query is not valid SQL (because the
>correct syntax is FULL OUTER JOIN ... ON).
>Perhaps the answer is that you omitted to declare any keys for either
>David Portas

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