Re: A pk is *both* a physical and a logical object.

From: paul c <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 15:22:05 GMT
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David Cressey wrote:
> Specifically, does Tutorial D have the concept of "primary key" in it? If
> so, how does it relate to relational theory? If not, how does it address
> the same problems that lead SQL practitioners to lean on the concept of
> primary key?

Apart from hardware/hierarchical history, I think there are outside influences "that lead .. to lean on the concept", such as the wide-spread penchant for ER modelling, which for me is the Jane Fonda school of db design, akin to warm-up exercises. To be fair, I should say that what little I understand of Bertrand Russell's writing suggests that he might have approved of separating entities from concepts in a logical machine, I recall he liked to separate "real things" from "class-concepts". OTOH, as far as he was concerned the word "men" stood for all people!

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