A Simple Notation

From: David Cressey <cressey73_at_verizon.net>
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2007 11:21:52 GMT
Message-ID: <kv4ji.6553$za5.2586_at_trndny09>

In Boolean algebra, you could, if you wanted to, express everything by just using brackets, as follows:

[A B] means NOT (A AND B)

This notation can be extended to 3 or more operands, as follows:

[A B C] means NOT (A AND B AND C)

"AND" is associative, so there's no confusion.

You can reduce the notation to 1 operand as follows:

[A] means NOT (A)

And to zero operands as follows:

[] means TRUE
[[]] means FALSE

You can build up everything else from there. For example,

[[A B]] = A AND B
[[A] [B]] = A OR B

Now my question is, can you do the corresponding thing in the RA, using <NOT> and <AND>? I don't see why not.

So you would get (for example)

[[A B]] = A <AND> B
[[A] [B]] = A <OR> B

As written text, this notation is rather unwieldy, but you can represent it fairly tightly in internal data structures. And its simplicity does make some things easier. Received on Thu Jul 05 2007 - 13:21:52 CEST

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