Re: Objects and Relations

From: JOG <>
Date: 12 Feb 2007 01:35:31 -0800
Message-ID: <>

On Feb 11, 6:51 pm, "David BL" <> wrote:
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> It seems entirely immoral to see a set of relations that taken
> together state facts about both internal and external entities. It
> seems quite wrong to mix these levels of abstraction. For example,
> what is a problem domain expert going to think of a query result
> containing "labels" of parts of the abstract machine (eg StringIds)
> that they don't know about and don't care about?

"Immoral"? My word, that's a desperate appeal indeed.

I have no idea why you think a problem domain expert would be concerned with storing strings relationally. I have no idea why you are comparing process-oriented and data-oriented practices. And I have no idea why you are confusing a mechanism for storing and manipulating data, with whether that data is generated from a coder or from the outside world. The origin of information is totally irrelevant to the principles of good data management.

There is a lot of confusion in your line of thought. Received on Mon Feb 12 2007 - 10:35:31 CET

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