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From: mountain man <>
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2007 10:25:10 GMT
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> Can anyone direct me to the latest database archival strategies that
> are used in the market these days? I have a db which is
> underperforming bcz of huge data, and I want to build up an archival
> db to keep old data. I want the communication between these dbs to be
> one way - transfer of data and communication only directed from
> operational db to the archive db and not the other way.
> Now, the old data which is going to be in the archival db might have
> some connections to data that I still want to kept in the operational
> db. Also, I need to create reports from the archival database about
> different things. When these reports are created the archival db will
> need that info from the operational db. But as I said, the
> communication cannot be from archival db to operational db, but only
> the other way round.
> I hope I am communicating the issue properly. Please let me know what
> you think about this?
> Any thoughts?

Yes, look at slabs of data in terms of YEARS:

  1. How many years worth of data do you really need in production?
  2. How much data are you accumulating each year?
  3. Auto-archive oneway into the archive database as annual housekeeping.
  4. Point "archive reporting" routines at both archive and production by using a UNION statement.

Should be a piece of cake.
Good luck. Received on Thu Feb 08 2007 - 11:25:10 CET

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