Re: Idempotence and "Replication Insensitivity" are equivalent ?

From: Brian Selzer <>
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 16:56:43 GMT
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PMFJI, I'm just curious, Marshall. I looked at the message headers from one of Pamela's posts and the NNTP posting host has a reverse dns entry that is consistent with the e-mail adress, and it's IP address also originates from Italy. Has there been trouble in the past on this forum with a troll from Italy? Maybe the poster hacked a server over there. I can't imagine why anyone would go through the trouble, though, unless they're mentally unstable. Did you have someone in mind?


"Marshall" <> wrote in message
> Phil Carmody wrote:
>> writes:
>> > the Median is the value which minimize the sum of absolute differences
>> >
>> > ie. sum | xi - c | is minimum for c = MEDIAN()
>> If I were Bob Silverman, you'd get one heck of a flaming for
>> posting something so obviously somewhere in between unintelligible
>> and meaningless (including both endpoints) to sci.math.
> Everyone,
> 1) Notice that everything the least bit technical that Pamela
> comes up with has a corresponding wikipedia entry. Notice
> how in fact she doesn't even really exhibit mastery of the
> material she points to, but merely manages to quote it in
> a manner that approximates appropriate context. She
> is wikipedalling at a furious rate.
> 2) Note how she misunderstands many of the things people
> say, and when you call her on it, she doesn't cop to it, or
> try to figure out where she went wrong, but only shifts
> slighty over and tries another inflammatory approach.
> 3) She is doing this on purpose.
> 4) Pamela is a troll.
> 5) "Pamela" is a man.
> Marshall
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