Flashes of Light on the Faith

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In this article of mine, the believer will find incontestable historic-archaeological support to his Faith, the undecided one will perhaps be capable of making a decisive step forward to live the "Blessed Hope", the atheist will get irritated at seeing his thought being based absolutely on nothing. In this site, there are links with other writings of mine, which have had more than 100.000 readers all over the world. Nowadays, we are living on the surface and on the loss of information. Let us think of the Vinci's Code which, even among many other anti-historical events being therein described, makes reference to documents being recognized as falsified from the authors themselves. In spreading the Truth, we will honour Our Lord, we will help all the people who are in need of consolation and hope, we will give our contribution to fight against the darkness closed in upon us and trying to steal our eternal destiny of life, to give us an equivalent eternal destiny of death.
To everybody who will read this article, I wish a profitable reading, with my best regards.

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