Re: What databases have taught me

From: Keith H Duggar <>
Date: 1 Jul 2006 12:06:40 -0700
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Marshall wrote:
> Dmitry A. Kazakov wrote:
> > BTW, if you wanted to be context-free at semantic (not
> > syntax/grammar) level you'd have to abandon overloading
> > and require all objects to have fully qualified distinct
> > names, globally and locally distinct, note. I doubt,
> > anybody would like such language.
> Well, I disagree that overloading would be affected, but
> as for the rest, that is actually a decent point. Lexical
> scoping is exactly the same thing as context sensitive
> naming. I'll have to think about it.

It's good you realized this. Any language that allows one to bind names is context-sensitive. Confusion arises because /part/ of some language is specified in a context-free grammar and then people forget that it is only /part/.

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